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Direct Aligner
Material background
Tera Harz TC-85 is a photopolymer material that was created to overcome the current limitation of thermoforming sheet type aligner.

The Tera Harz direct aligner is the first aligner developed in the world that can be printed directly with a 3D printer.

It makes orthodontic treatment more efficient and less painful for the patient.

Direct aligner is an orthodontic dental device that was created with state-of-the-art 3D printing technology for professional orthodontic experts, patients, and maximized treatment efficiency.
rthodontic experts can make one-day orthodontic treatments with Tera Harz TC-85DAC, and dental laboratories don’t need to spend a huge expense to set up manufacturing facilities. Large volumes of products can be produced with minimal facility investment. It can reduce the manufacturing time and increase productivity.

The orthodontist can design the direct aligner with 3D software and can control its strength and elasticity. Therefore, unlike the conventional clear aligners, which could only be used in limited cases, the direct aligner can be used for various orthodontic treatments and can make faster and certain orthodontic treatment results.

Direct aligner is the optimal orthodontic treatment device that perfectly matches the characteristic of the dental market, which needs to customize the treatment device for each patient. Since orthodontists can design the shape of the direct aligner and can control the material strength and elasticity, they can make better and more effective treatment plans. Direct aligner is the orthodontic treatment device of the future that be developed to overcome the difficulties of the current treatment method.

TC-85 is a bio-compatible photopolymer material which already acquired global medical device certifications such as the CE, FDA, and KFDA. It is actively used both in Korea and the international market and shows much better results than the conventional method. There are two colors that can be directly printed: clear and white.

TC-85DAC (clear) is a fully transparent and durable aligner, while TC-85DAW (white) emphasizes durability and aesthetics. In addition, Graphy Inc. has the technology to self- develop its own materials, so it can also supply customized colors that meet the needs of its business partners.
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Orthodontic Force Adjustable
Clinical Efficacy Verified from Thesis

Even after wearing 1 week, No mechanical property changed from 3D Printed Direct Aligner by TC-85DAC.

(Citation: European Journal of Orthodontics, 2021,1-5 / doi:10.1093/ejo/cjab022 / University of Zurich/Dr.Nearchos Panayi)

Incomparable Difference



Existing Material




Existing Material


Uniformed thickness as designed as 0.5mm.It can always achieve the full connection where the under cut part of cervical by Shape Memory Function.

Existing Material

Ununiformed and stretched aligner since the thermal forming method. Gap where the under cut part due to block out.

Shape Memory
Minimize inconvenience of wearing and removing through shape memory function
The softening action of direct aligner in warm water makes patient's inconvenience of wearing and removing even the minimized block out makes the patients uncomfortable.
Enhancement of orthodontic force through shape memory function
Minimized block out of direct aligner can prove the maximum orthodontic force using shape memory function.
The recovering of orthodontic force through shape memory function
In case of Direct Aligner, when you feel its orthodontics force and elasticity decreasing, simply deep in the warm water and then recovered its the orthodontic force of the original form.
Heat disinfection is available
In case of thermoforming materials, it is completely deformed in hot water.
However, in case of Direct Aligner, even if it is contaminated by a long time usage and FOB(foreign object debris), through Heat disinfection under 100℃, it can recover a clean state and also its original shape and mechanical property.
Convenience of Storage
Since shape memory function and simple heat disinfection are available, the extra exclusive case for containing is not necessary.
You are able to directly insert it in your mouth after disinfection in warm water and using shape memory function instead of storing it in a exclusive case after removed the aligner (e.g. Eating).
Perfect Transparency
Graphy always aim at making 100% transparency material.
You may not realize that wearing 3D Printed Direct Aligner or not because of the 100% transparency.
Direct Aligner are strong from discoloring and easily recovering its transparency by simply brushing it with toothpaste while existing materials are weak for discoloring and never make its color recovered.
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