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Flexible Denture
Material background
Production process of the conventional Flexible Denture was very complex, and required a lot of time and effort.

There were many types of materials consumed, and it cost a lot of money to be equipped with facility.

TFDH resin was developed to overcome this kind of problems.

TFDH resin can be designed conveniently using 3D printing, and can be applied to patients immediately after printing the Flexible Denture.

It saves time and cost, and can prevent errors in the manufacturing process due to the simplification of the process.

Thus, it is a material that can produce more accurate products.
Tera Harz TFDH is the world’s first 3D printable biocompatible dental Flexible Denture material. Tera Harz TFDH is a high elasticity material, has a higher flexure strength and higher elongation than conventional thermoforming resin, so it is resistant to external shocks.

If only the elongation is high, the output will be too soft and weak. Tera Harz TFDH is soft but strong, and high elastic, so it reliably holds the supporting teeth in the most important Clasp area of the flexible denture without the inconvenience of resorption. It can reduce production time by designing and printing flexible denture based on 3D scanned patients' oral conditions without having to carry out existing complicated manufacturing processes and has accuracy that cannot be compared to existing methods.

If denture teeth are printed using Graphy TC-80DP and combined with Denture Base using Graphy resins, they can be firmly fixed with perfect chemical bonding without the mechanical bonding process used in conventional methods. This can prevent the artificial teeth split from the denture base, what used to occur in existing methods.
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