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Dr's Cam Wired / Wireless

Good Drs |

Intraoral Camera

Autofocus with HD Quality Images

Dr’s Cam has a Autofocus with a high definition of 1280 x 720 for excellent quality images. The 280 degree Twist Head and adjustable head angle is ideal for easy maneuveral in the patients mouth a reduces arm fatigue. The Gyro Mouse Built-In is ideal for increasing productivity by reducing the back and forth trips to the workstations enabling you to focus 100% on your patients.

The wireless model has larger battery capacity compared to most wireless intraoral cameras.


Dr’s Cam HD intraoral camera was developed to work with most dental softwares.


✓ High speed digital wireless 

High speed digital wireless provide more clear live image without interruption

✓ Wireless receiver

Compact wireless receiver without any power supply

✓ Auto focus

Can get clear image with auto focus function in oral cavity

✓ HD image

Can get high definition image without distortion

✓ Gyro mouse built-in

Useable as a mouse

✓ 280˚ twist head

Easy to get approach anywhere in oral cavity

 OLED screen

Bright and clear OLED screen indicates various device status

 Adjustable LED brightness

To avoid image quality loss by light reflection, can adjust LED brightness

 3 Color Impressions

Can change live image color impression (Original, Warm, Cool)

✓ Software compatibility

Can be use camera with most of dental imaging software. * It would need twain driver for some of dental imaging software

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