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Implant Air is designed for dental professionals, with a focus on precision, ease of use, and patient and doctor satisfaction

  1. Comfortable and fatigue-free holding due to an ergonomically designed contra-angle and balanced weight distribution. It also mentions full compatibility with all E-type interface contra-angle handpieces and a variety of speed ratios (16:1, 20:1, 27:1, 1:1, 1:2.7, 1:3, 1:4.2, 1:5) to meet different surgical needs.

  2. A compact design with a simplified interface featuring a vertical body, a 5-inch LCD color touch screen, preset major programs, and automatic saving of parameters after each operation. It is described as space-saving and user-friendly.

  3. A multi-function foot pedal that is free and flexible, allowing for water volume control, program switching, and rotation direction change, all managed by a foot pedal for aseptic operation.

  4. An ultra-quiet peristaltic pump that is waterproof and designed to prevent circuit board burnout. It is easy to connect and can be used with disposable oral water pipes to prevent cross-infection.

  5. A Swiss motor that is strong and powerful, providing up to 80N·cm of torque to meet various surgical needs, and a German bearing system that ensures stability and durability, even in complex situations.

  6. A peak value display for real-time recording of peak torque output, allowing doctors to confirm the implant's initial stability and reduce redundant steps.

  7. Continuous torque output that is precise and reliable, with real-time display, and maintenance of the preset torque value during implantation for accurate implant placement.

  8. Automatic calibration of torque each time the device is turned on, providing convenience and accuracy without the need for additional manual operation.

  9. The unit is presented as being at the forefront of quality and experience, highlighting the advanced hardware and software upgrades that have been made to improve the accuracy of implant surgery and enhance efficiency and user experience.

  10. The system is summarized as precise, reliable, and simple, emphasizing its user-friendliness and performance in dental implant procedures.



Reliable Performance

Industrial Grade Optical

High quality optical module with long-life components

State-of-the-Art Robustness

AccuFab-L4D/L4K’s 5 million layers tested in real dental clinic condition provides state-of-the-art reliability.

District Cooling System

DCS (District cooling system) maintains the temperature of working screen under 40℃, while extending the 3D printer lifespan significantly.


Technical Parameters

Speed range:  300 - 42000rmp

Torque range (20:1):  5N∙cm- 80N∙cm

Max water volume: 135ml/min

Motor size:  φ23. 4mmxL91mm

Motor weight:  140g

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