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Payment terms are standard 30 days from when the goods were invoiced. The purchaser must pay the amount invoiced including any tax or other charges.

Australian Dollars & GST

All prices are expressed in Australian dollars and are including GST except equipments)


Orders based on free shipping chart will be shipped freight free. Freight charges may apply to exceptionally heavy or bulky orders containing chemicals, cups, gloves and paper goods; if this is the case we will advise you of any freight charges prior to proceeding with your order.


While we shall endeavour to keep pricing current at all times, pricing may be subject to change without notice.


1. Goods will be accepted if the packaging has been unopened and in a saleable condition.

2. Goods returned within 7 days of invoice date can be returned without any charge and goods returned within 7-30 days of invoice date will incur a charge equivalent to 10% of the invoice price. Otherwise, no returns will be accepted after 30 days.

3. All costs associated with the return of goods (i.e. delivery, packaging etc) will be payable by the purchaser.

4. The value of returned goods will be credited to the purchaser's account, to be used towards future purchases. Full refunds will be available in the instance of major faults/defects.

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