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Amber® Mill

Amber® Mill is machinable dental glass-ceramic blocks made of lithium disilicate.
Its reinforced mechanical properties and aesthetic values with qualified machinability are greatly advantageous for patients and clinics.

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Aesthetic values

Resulting from its excellent opalescence, fluorescence and innate controllable value, Amber®  Mill restorations feature the most natural and lifelike looks in multi-chromatic gradations.

Structural stability

Cross-linked lithium disilicate after translucency heat-treatment allows that Amber® Mill crowns can achieve a high mechanical properties.(over 450 MPa)

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Outstanding machinability of Amber®  Mill is clearly proven by stable edges of the milled restorations. Less chipping occurrence with Amber®  Mill tells you that Amber®  Mill is the machinable lithium disilicate block for CAD/CAM system.

Edge stability on NLD technology 


Representation of Natural Beauty

Natural opalescence, fluorescence and multi-chromatic gradation.


Restorations with Amber® Mill make vivid, definite and substantial visual difference in their outcome.
Resulting from the excellent opalescence and fluorescence of Amber® Mill,the restorations even without staining displays natural color continuum from cervical to incisal/occlusal.

Strength for Aesthetic Longevity

Denser and more crosslinked.
Outstanding physical properties.


Denser and more crosslinked crystal structure of Amber® Mill results in great physical properties.
Biaxial flexure strength of Amber® Mill is 450MPa after it is fully crystallized.

Freedom of Translucency

We will choose shade.
Translucency is up to you.


It is possible to differentiate translucency with a single block ofAmber® Mill.
Just decide what shade you will use, then choose the translucencyheat-treatment temperature according to your targeted translucency.

Available shades




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