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For dentists

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Convert your dental office into a state-of-the-art facility of dental excellence.

Dentistry Is Changing

With exocad software, you too can benefit from this change. Together with our partners, we bring quality without compromise to your dental clinic. exocad software is easy to use and highly reliable. This reduces errors and revisions – both at the office and the lab.

You Can Decide

It’s your choice where you draw the line between working in-house or with an external partner. If you choose to use our software only for scanning, you can share files easily with any one of the thousands of labs already employing exocad’s DentalCAD. Our software is even compatible with many of our competitor’s systems!

Software solutions

CAD design for clinics
exocad ChairsideCAD
More automation, simplified user experience – exocad ChairsideCAD is optimized for usage in a clinical environment.
Our upcoming solution for the creation of orthodontic archive models, virtual tooth setups, bracket placement and more.
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Convert your dental office into a state-of-the-art facility geared for fast and precise result with us.

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