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Medifuge CGF

  • A microprocessor control system allows for the maintaining of a constant speed;

  • The exception rotor system with self-ventilation protects the blood sample from heat exposure. The rotor-holding compartment, the lid and the test tube holders guarantee biological safety in terms of bio-containment, in the event of test tube breakage;

  • The test tube holders and rotor are built from thermal, antistatic material that is easy to clean, extract and sterilise in an autoclave at 135°;

  • MEDIFUGE CGF is equipped with a decontamination cycle with UVC reflected light;

  • Cycle duration 5 minutes at 1,000 revs;

  • The electronic control engine and its internal parts require no maintenance;

  • Noise levels fall below the standards required and do not exceed 57 dBa.


Blood Phase Separator
The medical device MEDIFUGE CGF allows for the use of up to 8 test tubes for the creation of CGF (fibrin);

Technical features

  • Power source: 230V+/-10% | 50/60 Hz
    100-115V  50/ 60 Hz;

  • Nominal power consumption: 120 VA;

  • Weight: 9,4 Kg;

  • Dimensions: WxDxH: cm 28x32x24.

Area of use

  • Orthopedic surgery;

  • Maxillo facial surgery;

  • Oral surgery;

  • Ophthalmology;

  • Cosmetic surgery;

  • Sport medicine;

  • Dermatology;

  • Gynecology;

  • Neurosurgery.


Sifradent's Advance

  • Controlled acceleration

  • Cycle Bleaching sterilizing= decontamination

  • Antistatic, anti-magnetic rotor

  • Self-ventilation to control temperature

  • Deceleration control 

  • Cooling 

  • Temperature control 

  • Self-decontamination

  • Rotor with alternate and controlled speed with an acceleration always under RCF300

Sticky Bone Box

CGF efficacy has been so far demonstrated in oral and maxillofacial surgery, in maxillary sinus lift procedure and profile ridge augmentation.

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