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Authorised Australian Partner



Prime Line

Prime Line Turbines express the essence of sophisticated dentistry. Designed and engineered to help you create preparations like never before. Pushing the limits of aerodynamics even further, we mastered the airflow over the Prime Line's AeroAcoustic blade.

More power, better sound, spectacular control. Built for the pro user who demands best-in-class.







On the inside

Only a perfect combination of components guarantees the smooth motion of the cartridge. Discover the new benchmark for peak performance.

AeroAcoustic blade
Quitely precise,
round for round


Ultimate blend of supreme performance:

MK-dent introduces its outstanding premium cartridge. The AeroAcoustic Prime Blade, honed to create 25 W (at 350k rpm) of steady power. Thanks to proprietary laser balancing technology, the Prime Line Turbines run smoothly and vibration-free at max. 55 dB (A).

Next-gen carbide bur guide
Perfect concentricity
unirivaled retention force


The world of drilling would not be the same without carbide.

Pressed with 12 tons of pressure and heated to 1,500 °C, carbide is so hard, industrial diamond — the world’s hardest material — is used to grind it. Perfect concentricity and unrivaled 40 N of retention force improve long-term precision during operations.

Reverse flow protection
Endurance from start
to finish line


The non-return system for reverse flow protection has been part of the Prime Line from the beginning. It’s an entire system fabricated onto a single component, vastly minimizing the entry of particles and contaminants into the head. With endurance from start to finish line, it is designed for optimized cleanability.

Ceramic Bearings
Refined formula,
silent rotations.

Dental bearings face the most extreme conditions:

Particularly high rounds per minute, attacks by superheated steam or various cleaning fluids. Paired with a corrosion-resistant cage as well as the remarkably refined formula of the lubricant, the ceramic balls will have a long journey ahead of them.

Automatic Pressure Regulation
Adjust to any situation.

Achieving the right balance between strength and durability is the engineer‘s dream. The pressure regulation can adjust to virtually any situation. It has been carefully sculpted to regulate the airflow and ensure a constant level of pressure. This enhances gradually the lifetime of the cartridge and bearings.

Looking for technical

Find the right MK-DENT handpiece for you.


Prime Line
Technical Specifications


Features include:

AeroAcoustic Prime blade

Next-gen carbide bur guide

Reverse flow protection

Refined ceramic bearings

Automatic pressure regulation

Titanium coating


Standard head

Ø 12.5 mm x H 14.3 mm head size

Push button back cap

Glass rod fiber optics with up to 40,000 lux

25 watt power

350,000 rpm non-load speed

55 dB sound level

4 asymetrical mixed spray ports

Available for Kavo, Sirona, NSK, W&H coupling types

69 g weight

Small head

Ø 10.8 mm x H 12.5 mm head size

Push button back cap

Glass rod fiber optics with up to 40,000 lux

18 watt power

420,000 rpm non-load speed

60 dB sound level

3 asymetrical mixed spray ports

Available for Kavo, NSK, W&H coupling types

67 g weight

Reference no.

Standard head

HP21KL: Standard head, Lux, Kavo coupling type

HP21SL: Standard head, Lux, Sirona coupling type

HP21NL: Standard head, Lux, NSK coupling type

HP21WL: Standard head, Lux, W&H coupling type

HC8021K: Standard head, Kavo coupling type

Small head

HP22KL: Small head, Lux, Kavo coupling type

HP22NL: Small head, Lux, NSK coupling type

HP22WL: Small head, Lux, W&H coupling type

In the box

Prime Line turbine

Nozzle pin for maintenance of the spray outlets

Dental brush for maintenance of the spindle

Lubrication tools for maintenance of the cartridge and spindle


Your Prime Line turbine comes with complimentary 24 months of limited global warranty. 

Tech spec

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