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Medit Apps Release - Splints v1.0

Medit Splints v1.0

What to Look For

  • Auto Creation Mode Automatically creates splints in 1 minute.

  • Manual Creation Mode Users who want more control over their designs can select the step-by-step mode.

Why Medit Splints?

  • Automatically generates splint designs according to A.I.-based analysis of anterior and posterior positions, so there is no need for adjustments!

  • Automatically sets the outline according to the lingual and buccal surfaces of teeth, so you do not have to manually draw the outline.

  • Adds labels to your design to prevent mix-ups after printing.

A Detailed Guide to Medit Splints v1.0 Install Medit Splints from the App Box to bring an efficient and predictable workflow to your clinics and labs!


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