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Dental Suction 


Endow your clinic fresh air circulation

Solve pollution from the source

During dental surgery, a lot of bacteria-containing aerosols are generated around the dental chair the method of air circulation have no effect on these invisiable enemies.

The only way is to solve the pollution from the source, should adopt the suction machine of advanced technology such as negative pressure semi-dry type, two-stage separation type. It has a suction efficiency of 300 liters per minute, instantly sucking the bacterial aerosol in the patient's mouth, and preventing bacterial contaimination at the source.

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Since then your clinic will be filled with fresh air

Studies have shown that the number of bacteria in the clinic's air (including hepatitis B, tuberculosis, etc.) has risen linearly within 2 hours after the consultation, and it can be predicted that the number of bacteria in the clinic will continue to increase to 2 meters for a long time are even more susceptible to infection than individual patients.

Runyes suction machine adopts the most advanced negative pressure semi-dry system at present, which can effectively control the number of bacterial after operations, and it will be stable below theh safety standard of 200cfu / m3. Since then your clinic will be filled with fresh air.

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