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Amber® Mill


Nano Lithium Disilicate Glass-Ceramics

It would be great choice for you if you consider the genuine aesthetics.

Since Amber Mill is nano-sized under 0.1 micrometer, it has better aesthetic value, showing off Natural Beauty.

Nano Lithium Disilicate leads to outstanding machinability, reinforced mechanical properties, aesthetic values, and flexibility in translucency.


Strength for Aesthetic Longevity


Condensed crystal structure of Amber Mill results in better physical properties, leading biaxial flexure strength of Amber mill to 450MPa after it is fully crystallized.


Flexibility in Translucency


With a single block of Amber mill, you can freely adjust translucency.

This will enhance the efficiency in work process and inventory management for CAD/CAM milling blocks.


Aesthetic Value


Natural opalescence, fluorescence and multi-chromatic gradation.

With natural opalescence, fluorescence and multi-chromatic gradation, you will see the natural color continuum from cervical to incisal / occlusal without staining


Amber® Mill (Hass) C14