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Runyes  B & S Class Autoclave


Bridging the gap between affordability, reliability and aesthetics, this award winning design will surely catch your eye. With a full touchscreen interface, you will have controls at the tip of your fingers. Autoclave with confidence, dignity and poise. 

Autoclaves have come a long way from the pressure cooker days. Our autoclaves have been blended with a mixture of high quality and price competitive spare parts to bring you the end product. This is not by chance as much time and dedication has gone into the research and development of these units. There's a reason why Runyes holds the biggest market share in benchtop autoclave in the most populous market in the world.

If you are after an amazing product with the best technical support within the whole of Australasia, then we'd love to recommend ourselves!

Australia TGA approved. Designed in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZ 4815 and European Classifications.

European Class B with 3-time pre-vacuum preceding vacuum drying. Intended for the sterilisation of unwrapped, wrapped, hollow and solid instruments 




Runyes 23L B Class Autoclave

Internal Dimensions - Diameter - 25cm x Depth 45cm

External Dimensions - 59cm deep x 46.5cm with x 45cm height


Runyes 29L B Class Autoclave

Internal Dimensions - Diameter - 31.9cm x Depth 42cm

External Dimensions - 53.5cm x 65.0cm x 50.5cm


Runyes 45L B Class Autoclave

Internal Dimensions - Diameter - 31.9cm x Depth 62cm

External Dimensions - 53.5cm x 85.0cm x 50.5cm



Runyes B Class Autoclave